Yesterday, in Berlin (naturally) Native Instruments announced TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 – the latest all-in-one DJ system that has the compatibility with Stems. The controller hasn’t lost its base – the same familiar hardware control, touch-and-see workflow and all the rest familiar features, but no controller to this day, had the possibility to work on it with Stems.

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TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 becomes the fourth addition to the family of  TRAKTOR controllers, integrating the control of Stems – the open audio format for creative DJ performance. The Stem View shows Stem files as 4 color-coded, stacked waveforms on the displays. It’s a cool looking piece of equipment, we have to say.

Probably part of our readers don’t need an introduction on what Stems is, but it might be unfamiliar or new to some. So, Stems is the new open multi-track music format, where the track is split into several music elements – stems – each separate for drums, bassline, melody, or vocals (for example).

Could this become the necessity of tomorrow? Well one is certain. Having separate particles of favourite productions does affect the creative possibilities for DJs, producers, and especially live performers. Moreover, could it possibly become the new industry standard? To our view, the end Stems are going to work only if the labels sign up to it. And so far it seems that it is heading that direction, with over 500 labels having signed for it already.

On the day of the release TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 costs 800 euros (799, to be precise), but heads up folks, as the company’s press release states optimistically, it is “designed to resist heavy touring”.