A few months ago we highlighted some of the “Missed Connections” that went down in Las Vegas’ Electric Daisy Carnival. With the general hilarity of that find, we jumped at the chance to see what the Burning Man faithful were up to post burn….and, to our (non) surprise, Craigslist’s slew of examples for a love-that-could-have-been are plentiful, hilarious, and oh so Burning Man.

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While the EDC ads leaned more towards the skeavy and creepy, Burning Man’s offers a delightful insight into the complicated mind of the elusive burner, a different species of party animal all together. From umbrella connections to vape fears, let’s hope these wandering souls find what completes them…perhaps under an illuminated desert orb in the future.

We went through some of the Reno & Las Vegas Craigslist ads (but you can pretty much find them under every major US city) and picked out a few of our favourites. Personally, I can’t help but feel the yearn in Zeitgeist’s voice as he passionately reaches out to Guess! Please, Guess, despite your “default world circumstances” don’t be Zeitgeist’s “dust in the wind”. For all that’s good in the world, PLEASE…

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Source: Craigslist