Pioneer have just announced a brand new model in their long-running lineage of headphones. It’s called the HDJ-C70 and is directed at professional DJs.

The on-ear phones (which have a frequency response of 7Hz – 32,000Hz) have excellent sound isolation through a number of features, one of which is the soundproofing component: an air chamber established in the housing part that reduces sound influx from the outside. According to Pioneer this has great positive effect on monitoring in the ever-loud DJ booth in a club. The HDJ-C70’s frequency response is 7Hz – 32,000Hz.

The material is a mix of highly flexible polyamide resin materials are used in the headband, delivering support for various monitoring styles together with excellent durability. Pioneer have also made sure that it is easy to replace a single part of the headphone, should it ever break, so you don’t have to buy a completely new one. Headband, earpads, housing, head cushion or cable are all independently available.

The HDJ-C70 will be available from October with a retail price of 179 euro.

What do you think? Will this be a worthy competitor for the beloved Sennheiser HD series?

Source: Pioneer