Dubbed WAVES Nx, the new technology is supposed to personalize 3D sound on any pair of consumer headphones.

An application that can be uploaded directly to your desktop of mobile device, WAVES Nx recreates the same three dimensional listening experience as if listening to sound in the real world for a fully immersive listening experience. Essentially, the technology tracks head movements via your computers camera or the on board Nx Head Tracker, a Bluetooth enabled device that can be clipped onto headphones. With that, 5.1 or 7.1 audio is what you hear, even if the audio you are listening to was not calibrated for surround sound. Think of it as your own personal Dolby Atmos systems, as heard in the IMAX.

The device and technology behind it is meant to enhance the listening experience of virtually all kinds of media. From surround sound of films to gaming, sports to music.

Find more information on WAVES Nx, why head movement matters, how the brain processes sound & support on Kickstarter HERE