This one goes out to all the techno heads out there and those who have been in the know way before the rest of us, specifically regarding the almighty power of black.

For many of us, interests aside, a consistent element of black in the wardrobe is essential. I mean, how else are we going to let everyone know the color of our souls, but now a new study purports to say that those who consistently wear black appear more attractive, intelligent, and confident, than their lighter colored counterparts.

In the study, out of 1,000 people, 66% of women found black to be the most attractive color on a man, while 46% of men felt the same about women. In the study, black came out first or second in every positive category, while failing to top the list of any negatives. Red came in a close #2 in confidence, but also took the top spot for arrogance. Meanwhile, yellow, orange, and pink meant the least intelligence.

You can find the complete findings of the study from UK retailer (so, perhaps consider the study as un-scientific, to say the least) HERE

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Source: The Independent