is a website looking to to revive the nostalgia of the “thrill of the hunt” for new music by abandoning genre, artist, or suggestions in favour of album cover colour.

Designed by the Open Work collective, which is based in The Hague, the process of modern music discovery is described as,

“We either have to search for new music (and how can you search for something that you don’t already know?) or software algorithms give helpful results that are often useless, or hilarious. The act of discovery makes our music more special to us: It’s the thrill of the hunt and the sense of discovery that we miss.” aims to bring back a certain air of serendipity to the discovery of music, making the online experience as personal and satisfying as it was when stumbling through the aisles of your favourite second hand record shop. By arranging music by the, seemingly-arbitrary, album cover colour, replicates the chaos of sifting through physical albums, choosing music for you based on album art alone. Once you’ve submitted to said chaos, the site then reveals info track info and purchase links, essentially digitising the analogue experience of record shopping.

With data coming from iTunes, described by Open Work as: “one of the largest homogeneous and well-maintained databases of music albums anywhere,” through it should still be noted that any album purchased through will yield a percentage from iTunes to the site, and 954 samples from the XKCD Color Survey. For example, Young Marco‘s Moving Fast (Very Slowly) / High Tide – Single is #06B1C4, aka Turquoise Blue, while FKA TwigsLP1 is #73C2FB Maya Blue, and Apparat‘s Multifunktionsebene is#D5AB09, or Burnt Yellow. Interestingly enough, when searching for “electronic,” the colour black or simply #000000, is rather prominent.

So what does your sonic colour scheme say about your musical tastes? Find out here

Young Marco