Submitted for your Sunday Viewing pleasure comes 1998’s, ‘Neurodancer,’ a short documentary that takes a look at rave culture that exploded in Australia, specifically in Melbourne, over the 1990s.

This quite comprehensive and well rounded documentary follows many figures of the day, from artists to administrators, and covers raves both big and small.  With a throbbing soundtrack made up of Hardware Records and Sonic Animation, this 30 minute glimpse into Australia’s raving past veers through the docks of Melbourne and into its dingy warehouses where lights, dancers, DJs, and decorations provided (most of) the stimulation to make it an all night affair.

The uploader (Chris Zwar) ups the nostalgia by giving insight into the production of the documentary, which was developed as part of an initiative to increase exposure to up and coming Australian Directors, by describing its format on 16mm, Digital BetaCam, and MiniDV.

Check the documentary in full below (if you have location issues watch within Vimeo) and don’t tell your Sydney-based friends. They seem to be having a tough go of it lately…

Neurodancer. ABC Rave documentary, Melbourne, 1997. from Chris Zwar on Vimeo.