You’ve quickly risen through the scene since your beginnings. Where do you project yourself to be, as an artist, in the years to come? Do you see a change in your aspirations for DJing?
I’ve been a DJ for many years. There has been evolution, growth, and experience counts a lot to achieve great goals. I work hard and make sacrifices because I want to learn more and more, I had great mentors
– Marco Carola, Steve Lawler, Danny Tenaglia, Laurant Garner, DJ Ralf … Keeping contact with them has taught me so much, I feel lucky, I’ve really done a training period over the years and now I am sure about what I do and what I can give.

I will continue creating very long DJ sets and being in the studio to deepen my productions, to experiment. I feel very eclectic, maybe in the future I’ll do something more indie-rock, but it will be a big challenge!

You’ll be joining the flagship of Marco Carola’s ‘Music On’ at Amnesia multiple times. How did your relationship with Marco Carola form and how has that influenced your sound?
I met Marco Carola five years ago. From the time we met, I went immediately to the Music On team and it was really amazing. Now, after five years, I realise how much Marco has taught me. He is a humble person, a very strong DJ, for me he is one of the best and his long sets are epic.

I remember my manager being a little bit nervous before Marco took me with him, because I genuinely was one of the first to please him and convince him. This thing has made me a man, introduced me better to the value of meritocracy and respect! I hope to keep working with him, being a resident with Music On is the biggest goal I have achieved so far. Artistically it has given me so much, and touring the world with Marco and this team is special!

How do you and Marco complement each other musically?
I remember I said to Marco several times during the early hours at Amnesia Ibiza that he was unbeatable. He told me a few years ago, after we played at Kappa Futur Festival in Turin in front of 15,000 people … ‘Leon, do you know who is one of my favourite DJs in the world? It’s you!’
I can’t explain what I felt at that moment !!! 🙂

How did your initial performances at Music On go – are there any adjustments you will be making for the rest of the season?
My residency during this summer consists of five dates, including the opening party. Three will be on the Terrace with Marco and two in the Main Room with Paco Osuna and other DJs. On the Terrace, my sound is more house, underground, sexier, while in the Main Room it’s more experimental techno!
On August 12, on the Terrace with Marco I’ll make a special DJ set because it will be my birthday. I will definitely play some new demo that will be released on Stereo Records, Dfloor, Deeperfect and Do Not Sleep

What are your thoughts on the venue – Amnesia? How would you describe the vibe, and as an artist – how do you complement the venue’s aesthetic?
Amnesia is one of my favourite clubs in the world, the sun rays on the Terrace in the morning make it unique, people are crazy, women are beautiful, everyone wants to smile, it’s the magic of Ibiza! The DJ booth is one of the most amazing things in the world!

What’s the most obscure idea for a party you’ve come up with that you’d perhaps throw one day?
A party without a good sound system, a party without a good DJ booth, a party without beautiful women … it’s a shit party !!!

With regards to Ibiza’s VIP culture, how far do you think the line goes between throwing an ‘exclusive event’ and throwing a party for the sake of ‘cultural development’?
In Ibiza everything is VIP, it is all important, every place has two different situations…one on the dance floor and another at the tables, but the music is the same, maybe there are those who are more interested and some less, but it’s all part of this great circus!

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