A few days ago we brought news of  billionaire brothers David and Simon Reuben who had bought three miles of prime Ibiza coast for £25m.

The purchase spanned from Cala Bassa, to Cala Conta, including a restaurant and bar Sunset Ashram. Also in the deal is the Es Penyal area.

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Needless to say, the prospects of some of Ibiza’s most beautiful locations being transformed into luxury developments did not sit well with locals and island fans alike.  The organisation, Movement New Earth has began a petition that, “Ibiza says no to the Reuben brothers for the ‘redevelopment’ of Cala Conta,Cala Bassa and Es Penyal natural sites”.

According to the organisations Change.org petition page, “Ibiza’s natural sites are under threat as they are being bought with one and only intention:make money and more money”.

So far the petition has gained over 3,000 signatures. If you would like to join the effort and tell the Reuben brothers a big, fat “NO!” to further elitist endeavours, you can sign the petition – here.

Source: Change.org