There is only one place to go if you want to have the ultimate boot party experience in Ibiza this summer, and that is Cirque De La Nuit.

It has become the first and last stop for sea-faring ravers thanks to having the largest boat in Ibiza. It also offers drinks servers that bring your beers, cocktails or spirits right to you on the dance floor. Add in a meaty sound system, top DJs, tickets to party at Sankeys once you land, stop-offs for swims and all inclusive drinks and it’s not hard to see why they are leading the way. Here, Marcel Spitzer speaks out on how Cirque De la Nuit has grown to become Ibiza’s boat party of choice…

“We learned how to use our knowledge to fulfill the customer requests and to please their needs.”

Tell us about having the biggest party boat on Ibiza, the Ibiza Boat Club – what it is like, what does it offer, how many does it hold?
We didn´t buy the boats, we just chartered them. So in the beginning we started with the lowest hanging fruit and used our connections on the island to charter a boat. And all in all it was a process of growing from the little quite private parties to such big boats with a capacity of 350 people. We learned how to use our knowledge to fulfill the customer requests and to please their needs. We are very proud that we could reach this status quo, where we are now, but we are never satisfied! We always want to improve things and to go with the time. Especially in the field of event management you see so many really ambitious people come and go… and just a few of them can stay. In particular on Ibiza…?! We want to use our expertise of the last years to think outside the box to reach new goals. The Ibiza Boat Club is for every company who wants to have an exclusive event at a special location like on a boat like ours. So we just want to offer our Ibiza Boat Club concept also to third parties. So in the future it will be not only Cirque de la Nuit aboard but also other events from extern event companies. This offer is suitable for example for bigger private groups and also for companies which want to do an incentive or team building event on Ibiza.

Where do you sail, what do the trips contain? Any swimstop?
We offer a 3,5 hours boat party on the sea. In the last years, we were used to sail to Formentera, but to protect the nature of Formentera, which is a nature reserve, we decided to sail this year to Santa Eulalia del Rio and Talamanca, which is both more in the eastern part of the Island. There our clients can cool down a little bit at our swimstop, where they can enjoy the beautiful crystal clear water of Ibizas Mediterranean Sea.

Tell us about the cooperation you have with the Unusual Suspects and what that means for people? Why did you partnered with them specifically?
Actually, it´s quite simple. The Unusual Suspects are friends of us, which are famous for their outrageous partieas and so we decided to cooperate. A cooperation based on friendship and trust is the best way for a successful party! Coming summer there are going to be five exclusive dates on board with heavy house and trailblazing techno beats by very special guest DJs. On the 17th of May Rick Maia and Dam Paul have already launched the Unusual Suspects Boat Partys @Ibiza Boat Club for this season. And I can tell you, it was absolutely insane, so this is why we are really looking forward to the next dates. For example, on the 21th of June then we´ll have FRANK STORM & BEN HOO @Ibiza Boat Club, on the 19th of July we´ll salute FEDERICO GRAZZINI, ROMANO ALFIERI & DAM PAUL and after that we are going to do a great final aboard in August and September. Believe me, you shouldn´t miss that!

Why should people come and party with you? Sell it to us! You have a certificate of excellence from Trip Advisor right? What does that mean? Tell us about your Void Sound System – what does it sound like? Who will be playing the boat – can you let us know? What informs your bookings?
That is simple: Because we love what we do! From day one, me and Charly are dedicating our whole heart to CDLN! We are both perfectionists and each year we have so many new ideas, which we want to get realized. We are always trying to please all client needs and wishes, and we want to upgrade our partys regarding this. To get things done, we hired the best stuff with people from all around the world, working together in one big team, that it sometimes feels more like working with family than just with colleagues. ? Full dedication is THE recipe, why the people still want to come aboard with us. After 7 years! And this year, we have our biggest boat party ever! But also there, one important guy is absolutely irreplaceable for a grand CDLN boat party: our Resident DJ Ryan Platts. He´s been playing from day one on our boat now and is famous all around the island for his magnificent Tech-House and Techno sound. Moreover we have lots of special DJ guests aboard, like in the last years with Solomun, Seth Troxler, Claptone, Pan-Pot and many more. Lots of our guests recommend CDLN on Trip Advisor therefore to others, for what we are very thankful for. And their reviews are also very important for us to improve our business sustainably. Especially this year, we were also able to realize our new project: Because from now on, we have besides the Open Bar, also Champagne, fresh Coconuts and homemade Italian Pizza on board. Aren´t that enough ingredients for a spectacular boat party?

What are you most looking forward to about the season and why?
Because we have our biggest boat ever, we are very excited what is going to come this season. But we are always quite optimistic people so we are sure that this is going be the best summer ever. We have a great team behind, which is always motivated and hardworking to archive our common goals and to make every moment count! We are only then really satisfied, when we see all the happy faces on the boat. When we realize, that we were able to create an exclusive experience that they will remember forever. Such experiences are the reason, why so many people also want to come back in the next season. Over the years, many of our clients became friends for us and we are happy, to welcome them over and over again here on Ibiza. We are absolutely ready for a wonderful summer! So now I would say: It´s time to get your tickets and come aboard with us!

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