Over the years, what have been some standout performances from IR BCN?
Probably some of the standout performances must have been the birth of Lost in a Moment, which both years sold out in less than 3 minutes. The Pampa Records crew also never disappoints and Dj Koze knows how to create magic every year. Nicolas Jaar’s b2b with Dave Harrington was also one for the books as well as Modern Deep Left Quartet with Mathew Jonson and his crew.

Also last year we hosted Boiler Room in collaboration with the Dekmantel crew from Amsterdam, inside the courtyard of El Monasterio for a very limited crowd with live broadcasting.
We have had over 300 artists coming through over the years and have been blessed with many special moments.

As an organization IR BCN has organized events for a decade. Can you go back in time and explain a little about your first ever event as IR BCN?
Our first ever event was actually in Ibiza at Blue Marlin also a daytime event on their beautiful beach with live acts and djs always in the same spirit. This was the early days of Blue Marlin and also pretty different times on the island. Then we moved to Barcelona and have been involved in the nightlife and lately more so day-life with our outdoor events at El Monasterio and Plaza Mayor. We also were involved in some of the infamous beach parties back in the days when there were fewer restrictions on these kinds of gatherings.

As IR BCN is (obviously) in Barcelona, what are your impressions of the city as a destination for electronic music? Aside from IR and the likes of OFF Week and Sonar, what are some of the vital electronic music destinations (year-round) in Barcelona?
Barcelona has always been a great destination for electronic music due to its laid back vibe beautiful beaches and great weather. Even if the crisis took a toll on every business in town we are now living a bristling revival with a wide arrange of offer, especially in the warmer summer months. We would have to mention Mutek festival, Primavera Sound and our own summer cycle aIR every Saturday of August as the high points but there are many other promoters offering a wide arrange of festivals and events.

If there is anything lacking in the Barcelona scene that could make it even better than it is now?
We need more support from the local authorities when it comes to licensing and time restrictions to align the playing field with other mayor European cities.

Also we are in need of some new indoor venues to be able to keep the energy going all year round.

What is your favorite aspect of Barcelona?
Barcelona has a unique energy with vast intercultural blend and a big cultural offer in general. Also the weather is mostly perfect and the city is growing in every aspect on a level not compared anywhere in the world. Being the only big city in Europe with beautiful beaches and surroundings it’s got everything we need to have a good time.

Finally, why do you personally do what you do?
We do what we do cause we love this city and truly believe we are part of something special. Always trying to improve and evolve with the ever growing expectations, our own and that of our partners and fans.



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