This summer is shaping up to be a good one for fans of edgy house parties, because two of the foremost promoters of such events are linking up once more.

Magna Carta and Faction have joined forces before to great effect and now do so again at Eden Ibiza for a season of block rocking parties with the likes of Mr Jefferson, Burnski, Alex Ground, Demarzo, Proudly People, Loquace, Pirate Copy, Jozef K, Leftwing & Kody and many more.

“good music, good people”

Introduce yourselves and give us some background on how and why you got into promoting.
Drew: Hi, I’m Drew Moreland, founder of Faction. I started running events off the back of my individual desire to DJ in Ibiza, due to the fact that there is very little money to be made DJing on the island until you’re in the big leagues. So to facilitate my passion for DJing and music, it became clear that I should run the events rather than solely play for other people.

Joe: Hello my name’s Joe, I started Magna Carta 5 years ago while I was doing a music production course at Point Blank in London. I started it so I could have my own party to play at. Me having an addictive personality it quickly went from secret location warehouse parties to Brixton Academy and Sankeys Ibiza Saturday night party for 2 years.

What are the best and worst bits about the job? What keeps you going but what tips you over the edge?
Drew: The best – Looking out into a packed super-club of revellers all there for the same two reasons — “good music, good people”. Knowing that you could orchestrate a togetherness of so many people.

The worst – Being a promoter isn’t 9-5 it is genuinely 24/7. Working with people from all over the world as well as people that are on completely adverse working hours, means that it’s genuinely non stop, and you cant afford to delay in replying, etc.

Joe: For me there’s nothing better than walking around your own party while its absolutely going off. Such a good feeling knowing that your actually building something up and the ravers will be talking about it to there mates who didn’t come.

The worst – is when its not busy, it feels like you have failed (well you have), all the flashbacks of what you could and should of done differently. ts also pretty stressful.

What makes you two parties work so well together? Do you have similar ideals or do you fit together more like a jigsaw with different?
Drew: Both parties share a love of underground dubby house, we’re both very serious about music, but just as serious about having a good time. I think that’s why we’re so similar yet different to other events.

Joe: For me what’s so perfect about linking up with Faction this summer is that i probably wouldn’t know Drew if I didn’t do a weekly party at Sankeys back in 2014. He took over Spekrum for me, so this is why I’m buzzing for it. And music-wise I think it’s pretty similar rolling house. Maybe there’s a slight difference in sound if you wanted to get political (lol). I’m looking forward to the nights and seeing how it pans out musically.

What are the key things to get right at any party? What do you pride yourselves on?
Drew: For me personally my paramount ideology is credibility. Never wanting to be too serious or “cool”, but always maintaining credibility. But in terms of actual logistics of an event there’s nothing we concentrate other than as previously mentioned “good music, good people”, so the sound system always has to be the very best, the DJs / sets need to be the very best, and maintaining the right clientele by appealing to the people that share our vision.

Joe: Key thing for me is make sure its busy! The rest should fall into place if your confident with the artist’s you have booked. Obviously every promoter wants a party which has good vibes and people.
I pride myself on flying underground acts from around Europe that are pretty much unheard of and presenting them to the ravers. Love to be the one of the first people to have booked certain acts.

How did you got about bookings this year – were they all mutual or did you do half each or?
Drew: We liaised on every booking and started each with a long-list, combining in creating the perfect short-list of Magna Carta artists and Faction artists, then handled our own booking respectively.

Joe: Yes we literally went 50/50 on the acts but brainstormed them all.

What makes Eden the right club for you? Why party there? What makes it special?
Drew: This is the genuine truth, Eden is one of the most under-rated clubs I have ever known. The soundsystem is arguably the best on the island, and as people have recently ventured in, they are all saying the same. People that we’re gobsmacked due to their reliance on the stigma that Eden had fallen away. Since it’s amazing refurb the club is indisputably astonishing. But this isn’t the main reason we’re there, we’re in Eden because our ambition was always to ‘bring the music back to the workers’. If all the workers are in San An, why should they have to travel the lengths of the islands in taxis etc to see their favourite and current artists.

What renovations has it undergone this year, can you let is in on any?
Drew: The club had it’s major overhaul 2 years ago, so there’s not much could/needed to be done. The slight changes that have been made include further improvement of room 2 (Next) and huge co2 cannons for the main room!.

And why are you drawn to Ibiza at all? What do you like about the island?
Drew: Ibiza is the hub of house music, people from all over the world travel to this small beautiful island, for the sole purpose of being indulged in the best/ most current music/ DJs in the industry. This breeds a togetherness unseen anywhere else in my opinion.

Joe: I just love the fact its the centre point for electronic music globally, the island itself is perfection 🙂

What are the key lessons you have learnt in your years promoting there so far? What is key to get right for each party?
Drew: Stay uncompromised and have a consistent direction. Also be prepared to work harder and longer than anyone you know, for the sole purpose of being engrossed in the thing you are most passionate about.

Joe: Things never stay the same , no matter how good they may be. Your only as good as your last party. And try not to burn bridges which I have definitely done, unfortunately.

Might you do more events together outside of Ibiza once the season is over?
Drew: We always look to do events together, as we have such varied fan bases, it always works well to combine forces. So keep your eyes peeled for some huge one-off events over winter.

Joe: Yes definitely, only just recently on NYD they took over a room for my London party. Always up for linking up with Drew and the boys as its always big vibes and banter.

What are you most looking forward to about this season?
Drew: Being surrounded by my amazing team, of like minded people, all pushing in the same direction for shared and individual progress towards our goals, on the most amazing island in the world.

Joe: I’m super hyped for this season as last year I didn’t do any parties on the island. I’m also excited about doing parties in San Antonio as before I did Sankeys which is based in Playa d’en Bossa. Our plan was always to get people from San Antonio to Playa Den Bossa (€30 cab) so I’m excited to not have that problem.

And yes of course excited to work with Eden and Drew on this one, as we both feel that Thursday at Eden really is bringing quality music to San Antonio.



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