In India, DJ heckling went to a whole new low as a guest shot the DJ who would not answer his request to play a record. The DJ died on his way to the hospital.

During an Indian birthday party in Singhauli village in Bareilly last week, a local DJ was shot after denying a guest his request to play popular Bollywood song ‘Tamanchey Pe Disco’. The victim died while being rushed to hospital. The perpetrator has been arrested and accused with murder.

Superintendent of police Brijesh Kumar Srivastava called it “a shocking incident” in his statement. He continued: “We have arrested the main accused who has been booked under IPC’s section 302 (murder) and sent to jail. The victim, Arun, was the sole breadwinner of his family, which included his wife and two children.”

The party was held for the birthday of a local jeweler’s granddaughter. The accused was said to be in an inebriated condition, and carried an Indian-made firearm with which he had already fired multiple shots into the air with, earlier in the evening.

Source: India Times