Frankey & Sandrino’s productions, DJ & Live sets snowball dance floors worldwide and fill them with epic moments.

After their chance encounter at a Sandrino residency performance, the duo were drawn to each other’s mutual thirst for deep & melodic music, resulting in the launch of the Frankey & Sandrino project in 2010. Since then, their rise has been nothing short of meteoric, gathering accolades like Ibiza DJ Awards’ Track of the Season 2015 for their anthemic ‘Alcamar’ and releases on the likes of Innervisions, Moodmusic, and Drumpoet Community.

Definitely no strangers to DHA, Frankey & Sandrino now prepare for their September 3rd performance at Amsterdam’s Pleinvrees Festival. Here, the multi-talented duo dish out their thoughts on Amsterdam, Essen, Berlin, and more.

“…hype destroys the magic of some places.”

What are you guys working on at the moment?
F + S: For now we´re finally working on new original music for our new label, Some Over Histories.

You guys are based in Essen (and Berlin). Take us through a proper night out in Essen. Where do we start, what clubs do we go to, and where’s the afterparty?
F: Usually when I´m not traveling around the world, I´m not going out that much when I´m in Essen. But Essen is a nice place in general and has some nice clubs to offer, for every kind of clubber. My favourite place is the ‘Goethebunker’, which brings great artists every weekend and is also the place where we play when we play in Essen. Then you have ‘Studio’ with a proper Techno booking and long parties (after-hours), Frohnatur for the younger Ravers and Hotel Shanghai for all kinds of crazy stuff.

S: You should definitely go to the Goethebunker! Super club, super sound, super crowd and a super team!

And Berlin – in what ways has your scene evolved over the past 5 or so years within the city?
S: As I´m not really going out that much in Berlin I can´t really tell you but what I observe is that hype destroys the magic of some places.

You’ve also released off Zurich-based Drumpoet Community. How did you get involved with the label, and how has the deep house scene in Zurich influenced your own style?
S: I was in touch with Alex Dallas for 7-8 years…I loved the early DC stuff so I showed him some songs and he wanted to release them straight away!

Not really sure if the scene in Zürich influenced me ever but on DC you find some really timeless house classics which I still love.

You have a performance at Pleinvrees coming up – how did your relationship with the promoter develop, and how does the event’s concept suit your method of throwing a party?
F+S: The guys behind Pleinvrees are not only some of the most professional out there but also a very nice team with the right vision! We love working with you guys ;-*

What is it that you like about performing at festivals here in Amsterdam?
F + S: We really like how well organized everything is and the fact that almost every festival has it´s unique vibe!

And – how are you preparing for your set at Pleinvrees? Do you undergo change in your performance setup every so often?
S: It´s a spontaneous thing with a lot of new music but also songs I really love from the past…

As artists, do you both like to live in a whirl of spontaneity, or are you more careful with your approach to music?
F: I personally love surprising and different music. Nowadays, that´s what gives me satisfaction while listening to music. No matter what style or genre.

S: Always looking for something I haven’t heard before even if they are just little things. In the studio, the only approach is not to repeat ourselves…everything else is open 🙂

Pleinvrees is going to have some massage tables around – you guys going to hit that up?
F + S: of course 😉

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3 September | Pleinvrees Festival | Tickets | Sportpark Riekerhaven