With a focus on immersive, interacting productions, Giorgia Angiuli’s multi-sensorial approach to production and performance mixes sounds, images and scents.

Her music has landed on the likes of Stil vor talent, Harry Klein, KMS, Crosstown Rebels, Souvenir, Wow rec., Einmusika, Parquet and more, while seeing her play gigs at Berghain, Watergate, Harry Klein, Fusion Festival, Hive, Thuishaven, The Egg, as well as her 4+ year TENAX residency.

Today, we’re talking with the talented multi instrumentalist at the heart of Italy’s underground anticipating her upcoming set at Belgium’s Paradise City Festival. Giorgia also has releases out now on CLICK Records, as well as “Hidden Garden” out TODAY on Stil vor Talent and her Kindisch debut “You Are My Religion” on 21 July

“In this world people are too much focused on appearance…pureness evokes freshness and freedom to me.”

We’re talking here with one of your latest EPs out, as well as for you upcoming appearance in Belgium at the Paradise City festival. First, on the EP…what was the very first aspect of “Pureness” that came to you? For example, was it a particular sound; was it the title?
I’ve always loved the word “Pureness”, both for its sound and meaning. In this world people are too much focused on appearance, that’s why pureness evokes freshness and freedom to me. This EP is incredibly introspective, exerting people to live in the “here and now”.

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You are known for utilizing a variety of different instruments in your production, including toy instruments. I’m wondering, what was your first interest in using such analog sounds in your productions?
I studied classic guitar and I grew up in a family of musicians, so I’ve never been really confident with computers and plugins… I’ve always played analogue instruments and I am a big fan of vintage sounds! I also collect lots of toys and I love to include them in my live performances and productions 😉

Do you have a favorite toy sound?
A cat-shape penholder from 90’s …it’s yellow and it makes 3 different kind of sounds, all similar to vinyl scratch.

The EP is available via Amsterdam’s Click Records, a label which you frequently release on. How is Click the right destination for your music and vice versa? What could you say about the creative environment there?
I’ve been following the label for a long time because I really like and respect it. I sent them a demo pack, they liked my music and together we decided how to release this ep. Click is melodic, “trippy” and never banal so I am very happy to release music for them.

Going back to instrumentation, do you have other sounds or ways of creating sound interests that you maybe have not used on a production before? If so, like what?
My big dream-utopia is to compose music with an organ: from each pipe they pour out flowers, as to associate a different smell for a different note

Moving on to Paradise City, do you have a prior relationship with the promoters? What have you experienced/heard about the event?
Few months ago I played in Belgium at the amazing Club Vaag and I had the pleasure to play after Nico Morano. I was very impressed by his amazing sounds nd he liked my live set as well! That’s how he
invited me to play on his stage during Paradise Festival. I’ve never been there but I am absolutely excited about it!

What I know about Paradise City is that it is one of the world’s most sustainable festivals, with a ten point plan for environmental responsibility. In my opinion, all festivals around the world should abide by a centralized sustainability initiative in order to be granted permits. Basically, if you don’t protect, you simply will not occur. Do you agree?
I graduated in organization and management of artistic events: my thesis focused exactly on this topic, so I definitely agree with you.

Finally, with the summer season in full swing and the schedule undoubtedly busy, how do you maintain a level of mindfulness through it all?
I love summer because it’s the season of open air parties :sun, music and people are the
perfect and magic combination and they always give me a lot of positive energies. In addition I will take care of my breath, doing some yoga and meditation.

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23 – 25 June | Paradise City Festival | Tickets | Castle Ribaucourt, Belgium