No strangers to DHA, the Milan based duo of Hunter/Game have provided Afterlife’s “Realm of Consciousness II” compilation with a stunning selection.

Aside from Afterlife, Hunter/Game have released on the likes of Innervisions, Rumours, Last Night on Earth, My Favourite Robot, Hot Creations, Kompakt and Dynamic, as well as having their own Just This imprint.

On “Realm of Consciousness II”, Hunter/Game join the likes of Mathew Jonson, Recondite, Aether, and many more. Check out their track off the compilation “Illusion” below.

“We just throw out every single positive vibe we have… for sure a recipe of a good night.”

This past 16 June you will had a track featured on Afterlife’s upcoming ‘Realm of Consciousness” release. Can you explain to us a bit about how that track came together? What was its first aspect? How did evolve until its final form?
Well we have always been good friends with the whole Afterlife crew, since we started producing and hanging out together in Milan back in the days. We can say we all have a kind of similar sound but everyone is different in their own way, and this is the special thing. We actually never think how a track should come together, we usually just spend a lot of hours in our Milan studio and suddenly something really special comes out. This track has a really strong and dark vibe built slowly into the track itself, so we felt it would fit with the label, and sent it to the guys straight away. They tried the track out in some clubs, and decided to release it for this great upcoming Various Artists.

Describe the creative environment at Afterlife. Do you consider it to be one where an artist can strive?
Afterlife has a really unique and determined sound, where artists can strive but there is no pressure to do that. The label just picks up the right stuff without any compromise. So you just have to make good music, this is the key. The environment is full of such great artists, but you dont have to be influenced by others’ music, you just have to be creative.

Aside from the release, you will also be a part of the summer’s Afterlife gigs at Privilege Ibiza, including an all night long set on 3 August. I’m sure this set is something of a seasonal highlight for you. How will you be preparing?
We are very much looking forward to our Ibiza Afterlife show. Last year was literally off da hook, so the guys wanted to support us for an “All Night Long Show”, which we just love to do. We are not really the kind of guys to prepare our gigs. We just go there, get in the mood and then the Afterlife crew is like being with a big bunch of friends so the rest comes naturally. We just throw out every single positive vibe we have… for sure a recipe of a good night.

Can you actually describe the atmosphere inside an Afterlife event? How do you say it compares with other major electronic brands on Ibiza?
We actually think the Afterlife crowd is kind of a “Ibiza outsiders” crowd, it feels like being in Ibiza with a more low-key crowd. People are used to hearing really banging music on the Island, and Afterlife offers the alternative to hear a sound that’s mature and sophisticated, for a more friendly and music oriented crowd.

Finally, with the summer season in full gear and, I’m sure, a busy schedule. How do you guys maintain mindfulness and/or mental/physical health?
Really easy… an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

“Realm of Consciousness Pt. II” is NOW AVAILABLE on Afterlife Records Beatport (digi) | Muting the Noise (vinyl)

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