How would you compare the atmosphere surrounding house music in Chicago from when you started to now?
A lot of the venues have became more about the bright lights, but the people who are really down with the sound know where to find it.

To that point, with dance music’s rise in the USA over the last few years, how have you seen the breakdown of your own gigs in the USA vs Europe?
Truthfully speaking, America is still behind on what’s fresh and new. They always wait to see what makes it in Europe first before they get behind it.

How would you compare that to 10 years ago?
Well, to me its always been the same. America hasn’t supported proper dance music from its home in a long time. The pay scale and awareness is still low to me, compared to what’s going on abroad

What about the evolution of your production gear these days? What is a vital piece of gea for you?
I’m going to keep that a secret for now. I don’t want every producer running out to get everything I use. It wouldn’t make me any different than them.

What if I asked you that question in 1996?
MPC & the Juno 106

Speaking of productions, I read a recent interview with Goldie who called ‘Gabriel’ one of his most essential underground tracks. How conscious are you to the legacy of the track? Is this something you think about at all when pondering your own career?
Gabriel was a special God given piece of work, just like a lot of other house hits that I have done throughout time. I think about that all of the time, but I have always take a different approach to creating. I always wanted to be more of an innovator in my creations than a copy machine.

If there was an element of the current state of dance music you would most like to see changed, what would it be?
More than trying to see the music change, I would prefer to see the minds of the people change and show more love as a community, instead of spending their time downing others for their creations with hate. Just let them be themselves instead of twitter beefing. It’s just a waste of energy.

As a family man in dance music, how do you find the work/home balance?
I have learned not to make my life all about being on the road. I know that time is the most valuable & precious thing we have on this planet. With that in mind, I don’t spread myself too thin. I know spending time with my family keeps me grounded, and they will remember me better if I am around them.

Do you find the rigours of the road to weigh heavily on your family life?
Not at all! I have good balance.

Do you want your kids to be involved in the dance music scene as professionals?
I always want my kids to be who they are and just be themselves. That way, at the end of the day, they are more happy with the life they chose to live.

Thank you for this opportunity to chop it up with you.

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