There is something very special about to hit our city quite soon. Elite Berlin-based label Innervisions will be throwing one of their magical label nights, Lost In A Moment, in Amsterdam this month. The line-up is impressive to say the least, but that’s what you get during a label night of one of the hottest imprints around.

Lost In A Moment will make its Amsterdam debut on July 20th, bringing along the key figures of Innervisions, like Dixon, Ame, Howling, David August and more. The selection of artists all bolster that dreamy, sensuous sound carrying warm atmospheres that inspire you to dance at every waking moment.

ry x lost in a moment
Although Lost In A Moment usually takes place in a club, this Amsterdam edition will take the form of a full-blown festival takeover. Bordering on the edge of the city centre lies Sportpark Riekerhaven, the perfect escape from the busy streets of Amsterdam. The area features cozy, playful areas next to the single stage where you can indulge in the musical treats, creating enough room for you to hide away with your friends or loved one. The Lost In A Moment experience can reach its full potential in this environment, and visitors can expect an 11-hour long musical journey based on the challenging and innovative Berlin sound that people have come to love so much.

dixon lost in a moment
On the musical side of things, it doesn’t really get much better than this. Representing as label boss is Dixon, who is headlining the event. If there is someone who has captured the attention of the underground dance scene, it’s him. With smooth, dark yet uplifting sets, the RA #1 DJ is known to captivate and entangle his crowds in musical bliss, and holding them in his spell far after he has disappeared behind the decks.

Co-owners and fellow globe voyagers Ame will of course give acte de présence too, showcasing their glimmering melodies and immersive bass lines to the Amsterdam public. Recently added to the line-up as well is David August, the multi-talented youngster known for his groundbreaking releases on Diynamic. He has just made his debut on Innervisions with his Epikur EP.

gerd janson lost in a moment
Other names announced so far are Gerd Janson, peak-time instigator KiNK (live) and Baikal. For sure, some impressive names to kick things off. Last but not least: Howling. The three-piece live act consisting of RY X and Ame’s Frank Wiedemann is an act that surely can’t be missed. As their eponymous world hit has given them fame, their live performance has given them the necessary artistic credibility. Their build-ups and teamwork is like nothing else, and will surely leave the Amsterdam crowd breathless. Get a taste of what’s coming in this video.

[youtube id=”IjZwmasrbbQ” width=”620″ height=”360″]
As it’s drawing closer and closer, we are preparing ourselves to be bounded in musical unity on this day in July. We are ready to get Lost In A Moment, are you?

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