To be honest, no matter how shocking such a title may be, in the age of Donald Trump, Brexit, and perpetuating white anger, it actually does not come as much of a surprise.

The bizarre genre, which is commonly referred to as “War Trance,” is basically a mix of super heavy techno or drum and bass combined with archive footage of Nazis and Adolf Hitler; it’s kind like “SimpsonsWave” only a lot more cracked out.

At this point you may be asking: “Well, Why are you even highlighting this kind of thing? Why draw attention to it? Why now?” To which I would respond, well:

1. You can’t shy away from unpleasant things in the world because unpleasant things do exist and are everywhere.
2. Subcultures, regardless of what they are, are interesting AF, if for no other reason because of their sociological dynamic.
3. In order to understand the problem with contemporary culture, you first have to acknowledge that it exists.

Anyway, the story started in Long Island, NY where, earlier this month, 29 year old Edward Perkowski was arrested with a cache of weapons, cash, and Nazi propaganda. It turns out Perkowski was not just any old, run of the mill white nationalist but also performed under the alias “DJ Ghost of the Reich,” the leader of the War Trance movement (other members including DJ Nazi Scum, DJ White Pride and DJ Adolf – I feel like there could be more original names, though. These sound kind of lazy).

Interestingly enough, and with the prevalence of white nationalism across the US and Caucasian world, the subject of Naziism and Dance Music is something that is actually studied at the academic level. In fact, professor of sociology at the University of Las Vegas, Robert Futrell has said, “[Radicalized groups] do things that shade into a familiar pop culture form, which creates confusion and curiosity…All they’re looking for in a strategic sense is for you take one more step. It’s like saying ‘Hey, white people, if you could just understand what we’re about, you’ll be enlightened and want to become one too.’ Music is a tool to draw in new recruits.”

I would include some clips of the Nazi shit in this article but, honestly, I don’t want it living on our site, so you can find them on the link below (via The Daily Beast). I’d forewarn that the videos are NSFW and should be watched with discretion, but you already knew that…anyway, enjoy and don’t forget to remember what a grand time in history we are living in!

Source: The Daily Beast