Embedded deep in the Parisian scene is S3A (Sampling As An Art), an artist who aims to produce culturally-enthused music sifted from various sources.

Acting under the collaborative moniker ‘Friendship Connection’ alongside fellow Parisian producer Zadig, S3A carved his place in Paris through a residency at the renowned clubs Rex and Concrete. He’s gone on releasing on labels such as Lazare Hoche Records, Hold Youth, Concrete Music, Local Talk, Phonogramme and Faces. In 2014, he launched his label Sampling As An Art Records to seek out new-blood as well as release his own personal music. In 2015, he released a collaborative EP via Uncanny Valley alongside Max Graef and Cuthead, and has since been continuing to spread his vision.

This time around, S3A hits a Various Artists release on Maurits Verwoerd (aka Nachtbraker) and Giuseppe D’Alessandro (aka KiSk)‘s label, Quartet Series.  Also featured on the release is Russian comrade Ponty Mython (Dirt Crew, Quintessentials)NY*AK (Technicolour/Ninja Tune, Karakul), and Rotterdam based D-Ribeiro (4lux, Meda Fury).

QS002 will be available July 4th via Quartet Series. You can run up the pre sale here.

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