Anjnuadeep’s Lane 8 has made good on his promise to make his fans live in the moement and has banned the use of cellphones at his upcoming performances.

The initiative, entitled “This Never Happened” recently launched in San Francisco and seemed to go off quite nicely, with fans leaving their devices at home or, easier yet, in their pockets. Lane 8 took to his Facebook (which you can read in its entirity below) to thank fans and deam the night a success.

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Obviously, no phones on the dancefloor has been quite a hot button issue in recent years, with venues like Berlin’s Berghain, Brooklyn’s Output, and Amsterdam’s De School all adopting forms of the policy, but, obviously, a full ban is quite a difficult thing to enforce.

Let’s see if Lane 8 is able to convince other individual DJs to take the matter into their own hands.