While the world mourned the death – and above all celebrated the life and music – of Prince this passed weekend, the news stream surrounding the artist’s demise is still very much in effect. One of the latest stories that broke is one with some deep meaning, as it tells of the last ever record purchases done by the pop icon. His picks, done during Record Store Day at his facourite record joint in Minneapolis, show an eclectic selection of six records spanning a range of genres – much like the music of Prince himself.

Prince’s picks include Stevie Wonder’s Talking Book, Joni Mitchell’s Hejira album, The Best Of Missing Persons (80’s new wave formation), R&B/soul group The Chambers Brothers’ The Time Has Come, Swan Silvertones’ Inspirational Gospel Classics and Santana’s latest album Santana IV.

1. Stevie Wonder – Talking Book

2. Santana – Santana IV

3. Joni Mitchell – Hejira

4. The Chambers Brothers – Time Has Come

5. Swan Silvertones – Inspirational Gospel Classics

6. Missing Persons – The Best Of Missing Persons