Amsterdam’s Rush Hour will launch a brand new vinyl series that focuses exclusively on Japanese produced music.

Though brief and limited the series first three releases will be reissues: Ryo Kawasaki‘s Little One, Eri Ohno‘s Skyfire and Fuwari Fuwa Fuwa by Ruriko Ohgami, which will be available next week to the tune of 800 available copies.

Rush Hour will also be in Japan with Antal, Hunee, San Proper and Soichi Terada for a label showcase at Rainbow Disco Club.

Eri Ohno – Skyfire:
01. Skyfire
02. Live Hard, Live Free

Ryo Kawasaki – Little One:
01. Little One
02. Trinkets & Things

Ruriko Ohgami – Fuwari Fuwa Fuwa:
01. Fuwari Fuwa Fuwa
02. Good Bye, Baby Love