Vinyl collectors living around Dunkirk, USA with a bit of cash to spare are in for a treat, as a Craigslist seller there is offering his late father’s rather enormous vinyl collection. The old man had collected a mere quarter of a million records in his lifetime.

I Am looking to sell the whole collection” the ad reads. Shipment of parts of the collection won’t be possible, as he continues to say “Im not shipping any records as I don’t have time for that and with this amount of records would be overwhelming..”

The price for the full collection is staggering as well: $350.000,-. But when divided by the number of vinyls you get for it, the amount of money comes down to a cool $1,40 per record. Now that’s a competitive price.

It’s too bad to see that the father’s love for vinyl wasn’t inherited by his son as well, as the Craigslist ad makes it clear that the seller has little knowledge or interest in the contents of the huge collection of music at his disposal “I Cant really say whats in here but everything you can probably think of.
Colored vinyl, etc..

Below are some pictures of the epic collection. Go to the Craigslist advert here.

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Source: The Vinyl Factory