Speaking of Los Angeles, I have read that you originate from Lebanon. How was the scene there? Are there any similarities you can tell between Los Angeles and Lebanon as a city and as an underground culture?
Yes, I’m from Lebanon—Beirut specifically. The scene in Lebanon is extremely vibrant, with amazing venues, surroundings and people. The underground scene is much more sophisticated and prosperous, but as I mentioned earlier LA is ready take on the same scene. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lebanon and miss it very much but personally, I felt it was way too limited for my ambition, hence my migration to the US.

A prominent aspect of your philosophy is “A certain commonality exists between attendee”. How do you ensure this commonality maintains itself from event to event?
Like I mentioned earlier, Minimal Effort began as an techno-underground warehouse party so, naturally today the crowd is still made up of those original, loyal attendees but with the addition of a new crowd who is interested in what we have to offer.

What have been some of your personal favorite Minimal Effort events?
First would have to be at Park Plaza last in March 2015. We had over 2000 attendees, dancing from 9pm to 4am on an outside stage in Downtown Los Angeles–which is something unheard of in LA County. Another would be our 3rd party with Audiofly in a warehouse in DTLA. The night got so crazy we had a police chopper hovering around.

As we will be involved with your Halloween event, can you give us an idea as to its general decor and atmosphere (without giving too much away, of course)? What steps will you take to really encapsulate the feeling of Halloween?
We are working on a very distinct theme that will reflect Halloween and stay consistent with the Minimal Effort branding. We will be also proving an excellent sound and light system on every single stage powered by Pure Groove Systems. It’s going to be special.

Speaking of Halloween, can you name a selection of tracks you feel are perfectly suited for that day?
1- Christian Loffler – York
2- Gianni Callipari – Girls On Acid
3-David Squillace – Blossom
4-Dave DK – Halma
5-YokoO- Shaping Our Own reality

Finally, if there were one thing you would like the worldwide dance music industry to know about Minimal Effort, what would it be?
Minimal Effort is an exciting new brand that has a great upside. We are creating a unique setting for World Class artists to showcase their talents in the states.

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