#165 in our mix series comes from home soil: Wouter de Moor. This friendly influential in the Dutch scene is described by many as the ideal son in law, but more so as a person of unlimited energy, drive and enthusiasm for dance music in all its forms. You won’t find De Moor on every possible (after) party, nor will you see him posting one Facebook status after another, talking about “amazing vibes” or “bomb tracks”. His approach is a more sophisticated one, mainly through the music that he puts all his effort in.

Most of his days are spent in a small room that is filled with (classic) drum machines, synthesizers, compressors, filters, and other sound toys. This is a habit he probably picked up from his mentor Steve Rachmad, Amsterdam’s number one techno pioneer. His preference for strong, pure sounds and an honest, artisanal approach to music also shows in his latest releases on Ovum and Pokerflat Recordings. ‘Lectures’, featuring some of Theo Parrish’s remarks about music, was cleared and endorsed by Mr. Parrish himself.

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The list of releases is now growing at a steady pace with tracks on various big labels. From Pokerflat, Amsterdam’s Bla Bla, Rejected, Ovum and Remote Area, to 90 Watts and Paco Osuna’s Spanish Mindshake, label owners are all very pleased to welcome him to their firms.

As a DJ, Wouter walks the line between the techno from his roots, and more house oriented tracks, as long as the music satisfies his need for the pure and straight forward approach mentioned above. His schedule entails all of the Dutch circuit, spiked with excursions to Fabric London, Ibiza, Goa, South Korea, Belgium, and of course Berlin.

For his mix, de Moor made an eclectic selection of tracks that span all corners of topnotch house music. Enjoy.


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