Last Sunday a boat party in Gold Coast, Australia was cut short in the afternoon when an alleged ‘liquid fantasy’ (GHB) drug binge by various visitors ended in overdoses and other complications, leaving at least two men hospitalized. This is now the second time the organization behind the event, ‘Dirty Funken Beats’ has made the news after its visitors were rushed to hospital after irresponsible drug behaviour during one of their parties. 

After a Good Friday event back in April, DFB made headlines in Australia when six people were rushed to hospital – one person was in a coma while another one was in an “altered state of consciousness“.

boat party 1

Last Sunday the DFB had their first event since Good Friday, which came to a similar end when two men were taken to hospital with “serious conditions”. Patrick Berry of the Queensland ambulance service made a statement saying “There’s a concern with any recreational drug, we don’t know how much was taken or what the long-term affects are going to be and at this stage, the information is sketchy,” he said. He continued that “Two patients can’t speak, so there are concerns”.

DFB was immediately granted their second closure order after they received their first one back in April, preventing them to operate for the next 72 hours as the investigation is being carried out. The party’s founder and promoter, Christian Avant, turned to Facebook to inform DFB followers that this wouldn’t be the end of the organization however.

“We have a zero drug tolerance at DFB and this is heavily stated in our posts, flyers and on the tickets,” Avant stated.

“This is far from the end of DFB — it’s just something that needs to be worked through with due diligence over time to create a safer environment for all of our patrons.”

Just how responsible the event promoters are can be questioned however. Their Good Friday event promised visitors to leave the party ‘with no pants on’.