Nanotechnology is making its way into the vinyl market in pure Johnny Depp style. However, in contrast to the (2014) film ‘Transcendence’, there are only positive outcomes to this breakthrough – for your vinyl at least.

A Japanese company called Ulvac has unveiled a patented technology that claims it could solve problems for scratched vinyl and offer better sound quality. The company demonstrated the idea at the Hi-End Audio Show in Taiwan, in which a nano-coating of the chemical molybdenum prevents scratches, mold, and static electricity. Ulvac also claimed the material may prevent heat conductivity issues and record warping.

Ulvac’s vice CEO Clare Wei initially developed the project, investing more than US$4.64 million in R&D. According to the Taipei Times, it has since received patent rights in the US, Japan, China and Taiwan. This is in light of recent patent development for the first ‘high definition vinyl technology’, and the fact that new pressing machines are being developed to speed up vinyl manufacturing.

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