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WKND with William Djoko

William Djoko is burning down the main room, DJ + is making his WKND debut and resident Tijn Benedek is celebrating his birthday together with a bunch of friends and colleagues. This is gonna be a wild one..

William Kouam Djoko | DJ + | Tijn Benedek | Bob Nagel | Michael Jacques | Jasper Wolff | Maarten Mittenddorff |

February 6 | WKND | Studio 80 |



De Nachtdivisie with Duke Dumont

On this edition of Nachtdivisie a bonafide popstar will make his entry: Duke Dumont. Known for some exquisite bangers like “The Giver” or “Need U”. Nuff said.

Duke Dumont | Mulla & Mailman | Alexander Valentyn | Tacklebox | Sergio Obergh | MOOSE | Martin Lucas & Sombro |

February 7 | De NachtdivisieTickets | Chicago Social Club |




Revolutziya calls on all people to come together by the power of, and love for music. In times where music is the universal language, we do not need words to communicate. With a revolutionary headliner, Baikal (who will soon be dropping a mix on DHA), and local rebels the music will be invigorating so you can start your revolution in full force. Also 50% of the profits of the event will be donated to a selection of charities focused on refugees and helping the homeless. There’s no partying like partying for the greater cause!

Baikal | ME.N.U. | Francesco Robustelli | Milan Meyberg | Malbetrieb | Nash | Miwell | Bramski |

February 8 | Revolutziya | Tickets | Beatclub |