Pioneer already teased us a while back, but now it’s official: the company best known for thier advanced CDJs is going back to basics with a brand new turntable called the PLX-1000.

The direct-drive turntable is fully analogue and has a basic set of knobs to keep that old-school feel to the piece of gear that has been making a comeback in recent years. It has start/stop and tempo controls on one side and a tempo fader on the other, that’s it. The tempo controls are perhaps a bit different than you’d expect, especially when comparing it to the legendary Technics 1200/1210. Tempo increments can be set from +8 to +16, all the way up to +50, which will turn even your slowest jazz record into happy hardcore.There’s also a tempo reset button, removable power, ground, phono cables, a dust cover, slipmat and more.

With this new direction Pioneer has taken they are competing head on to the Technics direct -drive turntable family, which has reigned both bedrooms as well as clubs for the past 30 odd years. Many others have tried and failed to come anywhere near the classic turntable line. Panasonic, the parent company of Technics, has received online petitions from people all over the world who want to see the 1200/1210s come back into production, but with the Pioneer PLX-1000 they might just have the next-best thing.

The Pioneer PLX-1000 turntable will enter markets in August and will roughly cost around €699.