For the DJ who dreams of digitally spinning on 8 decks with full STEMS support, your time is now.

Speaking in analogue terms, DJing has long been a 2 turntable affair with some notable exceptions coming in the form of 3 or 4 deck mixing by the likes of Carl Cox, Jeff Mills, etc, while its digital counterpart largely centers around 4 deck mixing. But, now, Mixed in Key has released the Flow 8 and, as the name suggests, users are able to mix 8 audio tracks on its digital interface.

This is the first time such capability has been offered via deck format, with Pioneer, Numark, Native Instruments, and Akai users hardware all supported, including the DDJ-SB, Kontrol series, Mixtrack Pro and many more.

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Another big aspect of the Flow 8 is its STEMS capability, with Flow 8 allowing DJs to easily control STEMS with EQs controlling each’s volume. For example, the High knob controls vocal STEM, the Middle knob controls the Melody, and so forth.

Additional features of Flow 8 include Dimensional Mixing, where a DJ can can any waveform and crossfade to that point, and Dynamic Playlists, which use Mixed in Key’s algorithm brining up track suggestions that match tempo, key, and energy.

So far the software is only available for Apple, but Mixed in Key has promised a Windows version in the near future.

Check  out the video below as a quick tutorial on DJing with Flow 8.

Source: DJ Tech Tools