Berlin’s cult techno duo Exercise One release their newest 12” featuring 2 originals and a remix by Berlin-based Locked Groove. One original reminisces on the past, another gazes at the future, while the remix fuses both concepts together. 

Spending their early years absorbed in the goth culture and IDM scene, Exercise One (aka Marco Frievogel and Ingo Gansera) take a playful approach to techno – one that spans the vibrance of the Kreuzberg DIY punk vibe. Marco and Ingo met in Berlin while working for !K7 – where they went on experimenting, producing, and rehearsing as a duo. Following this was the launch of their label Lan Muzic, which featured releases by Donato Dozzy, Peter Van Hoesen and Philip Sherburne. Alongside the label’s output, their own tracks reached outward to labels such as Mobilee Records, Mater, Dumb Unit, Soniculture and more.

Moving from the group’s back catalog to an actual EP release, ‘Timetrap’ is the dark horse within their body of work. After a few re-evaluations in the studio, the staccato groove and eerie hook of the original was pasted into a more powerful and demanding aural surrounding.  Also featured on the record is ‘502 last sequence‘ – a flashing, disintegrated, battery-acid leaking track which perfectly displays their fun-voyeur approach to dark techno.

Time Trap EP will be available July 15th via Exone. You can preorder here.

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