Paradise City is perfectly named: the intimate festival in Belgium took place from June 29th to July 1st at the stunning Castle domain of Ribaucourt in Belgium.

The place is surrounded by little lakes meaning that you get about on bridges made form plastic barrels. There is forest all around, lots of open green space to laze about on and rivers to chill by.

The whole festival has a cosy, intimate feel making it perfect for those who like things a little more boutique. With killer sets from the likes of Amp Fiddler & Tony Allen, Henrik Schwarz (Live), Joris Voorn, Lil Louis, Acid Arab, Byron the Aquarius, Patrice Baumel, Joey Anderson, Studio Barnhus, Session Victim, Trance Wax aka Ejeca, Willow and more, it really is the most essential new festival in Europe.

This year it was baked in sun which made it even more special, as did the food offerings which include brunch in the VIP area and healthy vegetarian food cooked fresh each day.

The festival is also environmentally minded, has won awards for its efforts and leaves no trace when it is gone. It uses minimal plastic, plenty of renewable energy and encourages you to engage with such issues during and after the event.

BE-AT.TV streamed some of the key sets, and here are three of the best.

Omar Souleyman

The cult is a Syrian musician and wedding singer brings traditional dabke songs, electronic beats and laments on unrequited love to his sets. He has wooed crowds round the world and this was no different. Playing to adoring fans, he sang, danced about aged people on as wild instrumentals and funky beats go people on their toes.

WhoMadeWho live

This was a stunning live show that blended mellifluous guitars with soothing beats and evolved through many moods. The live drums, celestial keys and loose percussion were real organic affairs that proved this band is one of the best currently dong it.


Goldfox is a pivotal figure in the Belgian dance scene as a DJ, promoter and radio host. His set was a melodic house masterclass in the sun that got people moving and grooving. The warmth in his synths were perfect for the weather and it was a one of many highlights.