As the Dutch national club culture has more to offer than the worlds of Tiësto, Armin van Buuren and Afrojack, SEKOIA presents, in cooperation with the Dutch consulate in New York, the best of the Dutch underground during the Together Festival in Boston (USA).

This unique collaboration between SEKOIA and Together is part of the project Dutch Culture USA, where the Dutch consulate in the United States aims to support innovative art and culture projects, showcasing Dutch culture in America forging enduring ties between American and Dutch cultural initiatives. Thus the consulate helps emerging creative collectives  navigating the new, but promising American market.

SEKOIA, as a platform for deep electronic music, has always had the goal to reach a wider audience for its niche market. The lively underground culture in cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam are amongst the most prominent in Europe, as well as being respected around the world.  On this evening SEKOIA hopes to make a first step towards a global awareness that the Netherlands is not only names like Tijs (Tiësto), Armin and Nick (Afrojack), but also bursting with talent like Marti(y)n, Tom (Trago), Willem (Cursed P), Florinsz (Janvier) and Heleen (Blanken).

As the event will be the first time SEKOIA will showcase beyond our borders, we spoke with Together Festival’s Managing Director Alex Maniatis about this most unique and exciting partnership. Focusing on all things Dutch electronic music, culture, and awareness, Alex speaks on how the partnership came about, some of his own impressions on the Dutch electronic music legacy, and much more.

“The Dutch electronic music legacy is always growing, adapting and creating…”

As Dutch Culture USA is a Together Festival partner, can you explain how this came about? Who approached who? What was the initial conversation like?
Together has long admired the underground dance music scene in the Netherlands. Whether that has been when some of our staff have visited Trouw or when we through our booking partner+educational initiative MMMMAVEN have brought over Martyn and Detroit Swindle multiple times a year for club plays. Internally we have talked about bringing more Dutch artists and the idea of doing an all Dutch night was something we have always wanted to do. One day it was as simple as us sending a tweet to the Dutch Culture consulate in NYC to set up a phone call. After initially telling them about our passion they came to Boston to discuss the possibility of showcasing Dutch talent in a young city excited about forward thinking music. They were excited from the get go and really collaborated with us and SEKOIA on ways to make it a special experience for all.

Without speaking for Dutch Culture USA, what impressions do you get from them about further electronic music based event partnerships in Boston, as well as the USA? How did you find the organization viewed/spoke on the subject of electronic music?
They have been so open to learning as have we. They agreed with us that the dance music movement in Holland was so strong that we should showcase this more in the USA. They knew of happenings at ADE and Dekmantel and that was all inspiring to us to help create an event in Boston and hopefully in other cities in the USA.

What is it about the Dutch electronic music legacy that makes it fit with an event like Together? Personally, who are some of your favorite Dutch artists? Have you ever travelled to the Netherlands?
The Dutch electronic music legacy is always growing, adapting and creating, and that’s why its fits so well with Together. It’s easy to sound the same as everyone else but we try to program forward thinking acts every year and bring something different to the table. A lot of American festivals anchored by dance music or EDM really play it safe…and that is easy and boring, we don’t do that.

Some of my favorite Dutch artists include:
Martyn, Legowelt, Joris Voorn, Job Jobse, Detroit Swindle, Delta Funktionen, Tom Trago

I am making my first trip to the Netherlands this coming fall!

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