Four Tet took to his twitter tonight to announce (and drop) a collection of tracks under the name ‘Randoms’.

As the name suggests, ‘Randoms’ is not a collection of new material from the man otherwise nown as Kieren Hebden but rather a collection of rarities that is being described as a “sort of new album”. On the LP are various tracks created for compilations dating back in 1996, including a cover of Jimi Hendrix’ ‘Castles Made of Sand‘ for a LateNightTales release in 2004.

Pay what you want for the download via Bandcamp or stream it below


1. Moma
2. For These Times
3. Pockets (Minimal Version)
4. Gillie Amma I Love You
5. The Reservoir
6. Nothing to See
7. Field
8. Both When I Am Alone and When We Both Are
9. Castles Made of Sand