In a new EU wide study published last week, The Netherlands seems to maintain its position as a major European drug production and trafficking hub.

The study, which was commissioned by EU government agencies Europol and the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, findings include annual drug expenditure to the tune of €24bn a year on drugs (38% of which is Cannabis), and that the Netherlands is both a production hub (MDMA, Amphetamines), as well as trafficking (Cannabis, Opium). Furthermore, the conclusion of the study is that the drug trade is truly globalised, yet balanced with increased production “close to home”.

Speaking specifically on The Netherlands, the study finds that the “vast majority” of MDMA use in both Europe and The US comes from Netherlands based laboratories, while half of Europe’s annual Cocaine intake goes through Rotterdam port. Other points of interest are Hashish resin coming from North Africa and Afghanistan, as well as Heroin from Ukraine. The study also notes that The Dutch drug trade is responsible for toxic waste dumped on over 100 sites, as well as an increase in organized crime.

If all this seems rather grim in tone it should probably be noted the close affiliation the study has with governmental bodies who, seemingly, are quite out of touch with the realities of drug use and the drug trade. The word “terror” appears 59 times in the report, clearly a strategy to justify the Western (failed) war on drugs. By the vague yet pointed attempts at correlating drug use with terrorism, one would not be out of line thinking this may in fact be a cover up to justify invasion and the further perpetuation of a military industrial complex.

Check out some of the charts and statistic from the study in the gallery below.

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Source: NL Times