Haribo, the world famous German confectionary company, has launched their latest gummy sweets in Germany, and they are DJ themed…and look exactly like XTC.

The sweets, called DJ Brause Sauer or “DJ Sherbert” (roughly) and comes with a “slight acidic taste”. The sweets themselves are larger than your “conventional” pill, and feature a thick sugar coating, which I’m assuming is the “fizz” aspect. The sweets colourful packaging features an anthrpomorphized gummy DJing on a setup that includes the sweets pressing, which are meant to represent the buttons on a turntable like play, pause, etc, and come in flavours from herbal plant Woodruff, cola, lemon, strawberry, raspberry and orange.

With media attention catching on the the colourful sweets, Haribo has issued a brief statement on their likeness to drugs with the short statement that the company,

“We take our social responsibility very seriously and conduct comprehensive product tests before launching a new product. Sour sherbet products and the topic of music are very popular among young people. The button shapes of the product pieces of DJ BRAUSE, which is a product available within Germany, are solely derived from typical icons from the world of music, for instance buttons for play, pause, rewind etc.”

So, what do you think? Do they look like drugs? Does it matter?


Source: Toxic Family