This week we proudly announce the second podcast in collaboration with A Day At The Park is made by Maximiljan

In just a few years Maximiljan has risen through the ranks as a DJ as well as a producer. With releases like “ Bodymovin” and “Ol Dirty” he has been sizzling the clubs, from London to Ibiza, to Berlin and Warsaw. He has gained support from colleagues like Huxley Anja Schneider and Karotte. When not working on solo-projects, he’s collaborating with his long-time partner Tapesh. Together they have made several EP’s. Their last one, “Feelings”, which has just been released contains some pretty impressive material (you should definitely give “All The Time” a listen!). Earlier in 2013 they founded the Variante Music label together to release their work on. Indeed this guy has had a pretty busy schedule for the past year.

Maximiljan will be performing twice in Amsterdam this summer: his first gig is at A Day At The Park Festival at the Amsterdamse Bos (July 13th), the second one will be at Straf_Werk Festival, August 11th. So be sure to check him out when you’re visiting one of these events. But for now, turn up that volume knob and enjoy the sweet tunes that he has layed down for us!



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