To celebrate the magical number 100 in our mixtape series,  we thought it would be nice to dig into our history and arrange a couple of top-5’s that go well with different moments. This first one is perfect for your living room pre-party before you head to town. Enjoy!

The first pick in our pre party playlist is the Edu Imbernon mixtape. As he dominates the remixing area of the music industry with astonishing remixes for The XX (Crystalized & Reunion) which circled the entire globe, the owner of Eklektisch unveils an eccentric tale of sound and passion as it transform into numerous shapes and sizes. It refers to that sensation of interior achievement and forever lasting summer nights. It just makes you wanna pop that [fill in what’s appropriate] and run to the party.

Our second pick as a pre-party sensation, is Walker & Royce’s Special ADE mix from October. Full of releases under well-respected labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Moda Black & Pets Recording. Sam & Gavin originally from Brooklyn were tangled in NYC’s underground nightlife for little over 10 years and it was about time they showed their skills behind the decks. Their Special ADE podcast is a train ride of heavy deep house sounds that compels just right. It has bass, it has acid, it has ups and downs and most of all it has that much needed hype to get you drinking.

Prunk’s podcast for Straf_Werk best describes both the sound of the event and of the man himself. Owner of Double Tree Records and part of Amsterdam’s new wave of deep house producers, Prunk puts his heart and soul in merely every set. This mix balances soul, disco, deep, tech and house all in one fine package. It gets you moving instantly and adds that retro sensual vibe everybody is so keen on. Give it a spin for yourself.

Mark & Paul or Death On The Balcony put together the perfect pre-party mixtape. Their production style ranges from disco to house and deep techno and that’s exactly what they did with this gem. It’s slow, groovy and just the right amount of BPM to not fall asleep, nor get overly excited and crash before the party starts.

PBR Streetgang’s mixtape #96 is our 5th and final pick. Known for their releases on Hot Creations, Futureboogie 2020 Vision, the duo’s style is best described by them as Kitchen Sink. They’re big fans of disco and house and it’s exactly what they deliver. Disco fused to the max and grooved out till your pants fall off, they twist and combine bass and soul until the mixtape serves all its purposes or while one of you will dance way too much. It’s quite a party starter and they intend to keep it that way with a slow and steady rise in intensity.