A little throwback for you from the year 2012. It was around this time that the dominant underground dance sound had fully developed into a warmer aesthetic than we had come to know in the decade before. It was the year after Dixon’s game-changing edit of Osunlade’s “Envision” came out, leaving dance floors in nothing but smouldering rubble the world over. 

By then, both Dixon and Innervisions were on the tipping point of becoming the driving forces in quality dance music, claiming consecutive #01 Beatport chartings and RA DJ poll placements. Not to mention the anthems that the label’s creator was about to bring forth, like Howling, Ten Walls’ ‘Gotham’, Agoria’s ‘Scala’, or more recently Frankey & Sandrino’s ‘Save’.

In an interview with Electronic Beats that year, we see a long-haired Dixon talk about the very thing he himself is (perhaps unwillingly but surely) becoming: the ubiquitous DJ personality. Listen to this pre-worldfame Dixon giving a beautiful analysis of the art of the DJ personality.

Source: Electronic Beats