While everyone would agree that the summer months are the most fun of the year, the earth’s festival-going, hedonistic part of the population will unfortunately also have to agree that these months are a complete and utter disaster to your body. And not in the least place because there is little sleep involved when you’re on a serious drug fueled festival bender. Now we don’t want to kill your buzz here, but it might be wise to grow some awareness of the actual effects of these sleep-deprived days and nights, right?

The people at Science.Mic have drawn up the infographic you see below (using info from the CDC, International Journal of Occupational Health and Medicine and the UC Berkeley Walker Sleep Lab) to pinpoint the various effects that a lack of sleep can have on all the different parts of your brain. These side effects include loss of memory, heightened anger, food cravings, hallucinations and loss of memory. That’s right. Take a look.


Source: iflscience.com