An interactive map using data from the United Nations office of Drugs and Crime reveals the number of users and how many people die from drug overdoses in each country around the world.

Created to the extent of addiction across the globe, the map is grouped into categories including cannabis, cocaine, solvents, opioids, as well as hallucinogens and amphetamine-type stimulants.

The results for top country in each respective field are as follows:

Cannabis – Iceland
Cocaine- Scotland
MDMA – Australia
Amphetamine – El Salvador
Prescription Opiods – USA
Prescription Stimulants – El Salvador
Opiods – USA

New Zealand and Iran were also singled out has being the top countries in the world at effectively treating addiction, while Iceland featured the most overdoses per capita. Find some of the interesting statistics in the gallery below, and for the FULL interactive map, please go to Recovery Brands.

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