Its people that sometimes perform an ‘act of kindness’ in some people’s eyes that makes us smile in the morning and be thankful that electronic music creates unbroken bonds, like in the case of this Jetstar employee that saved a bunch of people from possible jail time.

Festivals have the tendency on connecting people in a more profound way than we could ever imagine and this isolated act of kindness shows us again that music connects. According to The Sidney Morning Herald, a Jetstar employee advised a plane full of passengers whom were on their way back from Splendour in the Grass festival, that upon their arrival sniffer dogs and quarantine officers were awaiting at the terminal. Soon enough the queue toward the bathroom matched the grand opening on Black Friday.

The flight attendant followed protocol by the book and advised the passengers to “flush anything you shouldn’t have down the toilet”. Having all the best intentions but a poor choice of words, Jetstar reprimanded the employee in cause and released a statement apologizing for the “poorly chosen and plainly at odds with the professional standards” that they expect from their team. Eventually things in the eyes of the passengers turned green, some even thanking Jetstar on social media “”Thank you for caring for your Splendour passengers”. Some even demanded that the staff member would get a promotion. It wouldn’t be a strange thing to see Jetstar opening a niche market to transport festival goers across and “take care” of them.

Below some happy customers, thanking the flight attendant 

Source: The Sidney Morning Herald