Although has been around for a little while, its developers have just released a powerful new upgrade which allows users to aggregate neverending playlists from across the internet.

Acting as, essentially, an RSS feed, can aggregate music content from such mainstay sites as Mixcloud and Soundcloud, but can also do so from any source that hosts music, including social media and blogs. This all means that, if you follow an artist on Facebook and read a few articles on him, understands that information and creates a consistently updating playlist centred around that artist. One can do this with record labels, genres, and a whole host of other content creators and producers.

Featuring a variety of filter options and the constant update of keywords and websites, the Amsterdam-based startup truly is music discovery on steroids. shows promise in functionality and design. It features sleek edges, an array of opacities and a continuously artsy set of background images.

Check out the video below to see how the feeds work.