Shall Ocin is definitely an artist on the rise. Over the past handful of years,Shall has been recognised as both an Internationally touring DJ, as well as his production work being embraced by the Ellum family.

Argentinian born Nicolas Abalos provided us with one of our earliest mixtapes and granted us an interview prior to this year’s DGTL Festival, making him a prominent friends and favourite of Deep House Amsterdam. Even though his career dates back to the late 90’s, Shall really made impressions when releasing his own productions on labels such as Culprit, Leftroom and Ellum, which is now his main affiliation.

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Today, Dino Lenny returns to Ellum with the magnificent ‘Living In A Song’ release, featuring three brilliant remixes from Shall Ocin, Gardens of God and Rebolledo, of which we’re happy to premiere Shall’s reworking. He gives the hypno-heavy techno infused track, with Dino on vocals, a darker, bubbling techno sound. You’ll be hearing this track over and over again during the upcoming summer.

‘Living In A Song’ will be released June 1st on Ellum

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