Since 2007, air london has become one of the most exciting independent agencies in the world of electronic music, with artists touring and performing around the world.

Representing artists and labels which are responsible for shaping the scene on a global level, air london goes into summer 2016 with a slew of dates throughput the European continent, brining with them lineups of their finest electronic music ambassadors.

Already, 18 June saw Berlin’s Ipse host the likes of Valentino Kanzyani, Ark, Franck Roger, and Albion Forever, and going into the next few months, air will descend onto London (naturally), Barcelona, and Ibiza.

First up, on 15 July, air london stops by their eponymous hometown’s Basing House with Franck Roger, a.p prods, Peter Glasspool, and Albion Forever in tow. Then, on 30 July, Barcelona’s ZT Hotel welcomes Valentino Kanzyani, Francesco del Garda, Peter Glasspool, and Albion Forever. Finally, Space Ibiza will see Valentino Kanzyani b2b Bill Patrick, Vinyl Speed Adjust, Peter Glasspool, Jon Woodall, Simon Morell, and Albion Forever, as part of its ONYX concept on 29 August.

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AIR London