From infinite looping capabilities to an all in one party planner, we take a look at some of the apps and updates of the month this past April 2016.

Most applications come in iOS versions, unless otherwise specified. Did we miss any? Let us know what your favourite apps from the past month were.

Dance Tonight | iOS & Android

The app provides an easy solution for all possible situations: whether you are sorting last minute plans, plan a big night out with friends or just want to be up to date on what’s happening near you in the coming weeks. Within the app users have the ability to scan for events, search by location and date, purchase tickets and follow their favorite artists and venues as to always be the first one to know of the latest developments in your particular dance scene. Dance Tonight also has a social layer that allows for friends and likeminded fans to interact via one on one messaging, or through the city-wide after-party chat to be up to date on everything that’s going on around them.

Infinite Looper | iOS

Infinite Looper let you quickly select different synthesizers and loop the MIDI to each with perfect synchronization. Each of the instruments can have up to eight simultaneous loops. The loops can be of different lengths, up to sixty four measures long.

Noted | iOS

Noted is a social stream of music, curated by people you know, that learns as you engage. By combining music libraries, friends and a “secret sauce” that learns your musical taste, Noted is a smarter, more personalized social music discovery experience. Noted provides a music-specific platform to discover and listen to songs from multiple libraries and friends in one place.

Sonic Synth | iOS

Sonic Synth is very capable FM Synthesizer app with 3 oscillators. Every oscillator is independent and can generate 4 wave forms. The app works with 44100 Hz sample rate so the sound quality is great. Variety of sounds can be created and even changed real time while you are playing using the setting of the 3 oscillators of the synthesizer.