Known for his associations with the labels Klopfgeist and Paradigm, Malbetrieb premieres a track from his newest record ‘Meun EP’ via Chapter 24 Records.

As described by the artist himself, Malbetrieb lets his emotions be the guide – consisting of unusual choices and sounds without losing reality. Taking this approach led to the release of his first full length album ‘Life in the Clouds’ featuring remixes by Sebastian Mullaert, followed up by ‘Nim’ on SoHaSo, a remix of Sebastian Mullaert‘s Movement – coming out on Kontra – scheduled for late 2016, and of course the soon to be released ‘Meun EP’ on Chapter 24.

For his first EP on Chapter 24, he presents a collection of tracks he recorded in one take, in the throes of inspiration. The productions were all made exclusively on hardware, using the computer solely to record the stems. What resulted was a captivating and communicative sonic exhale, both raw and refined.

Meun EP will be available 6th of May via Chapter 24 Records.

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