For those outside its borders it may come as something of a surprise that the liberally minded Nordic country is, in fact, one of Europe’s most difficult places to throw large scale events.

A result of a number of reasons as parties and external alcohol consumption are heavily regulated, while also existing in one of the continents most expensive countries. Backyard Sessions, where 2018 sees its second year, is an example of success in the face of such conditions. An electronic music festival and love letter to its host city of Malmö, Backyard Sessions is a family friendly event from a team of local promoters with a vision to create something beautiful.

With the festival’s second edition coming 1 – 2 September, Backyard Sessions, Mohave Media, and filmmaker Marcus Lindberg have put together a new documentary – Sleepless Nights – showcasing the trials and tribulations of Backyard Sessions inaugural event. Exploring the ins and outs of event promotion, as well as highlighting the spirit of its host city, the documentary captures the DIY spirit that anything is possible if you plan and execute for the right reasons.

Check out the full documentary below and find all the information and remaining tickets to Backyard Sessions 2018 at the links.

1 – 2 September | Backyard Sessions 2018 | Tickets | Malmö, Sweden