Today we have something special for you as Satori spared no expense putting together an exclusive live set for our podcast series in collaboration with Buiten Westen.

The artist with an international background, his mother is from South Africa, while his dad is from Serbia, was born in Nijmegen. While many DJs nowadays like to talk about the influence of Jazz, Satori, aka Djordje Petrovic, has an actual background in the genre. Together with Pim van der Burgt he started his DJ career as the duo El Mundo & Satori.

Since then he has redefined his identity and is working as a solo artist. Just a few month ago he released his first LP on Underyourskin Records entitled ‘In Between Worlds‘. As the title is already an obvious hint on the background of Satori, listening to the album proves this even more. It clearly reflects the many cultural influences Satori has experienced in his life. While it is hard to put a label on his style you can still hear African and Balkan influences paired with danceable grooves.

Besides his work as a musician Satori also started the quest to change the world with a music label named KROOKS. But as you would have thought a character like Satori doesn’t seem to care about labels or genres, making KROOKS more than a label. KROOKS is more of a collective of creative entrepreneurs and musicians with the purpose to help our generation develop their creative identities. Together with many others they strive to inspire with stories, music and conferences.

Listen to his exclusive live set and you’ll get an idea of Satori’s influences, ideas and his take on what is possible with music.

Satori – Voice of the Tuareg
Satori – The Greatest Against The World (liveset version)
Satori – Board Walk mashup with Nico Jaar Materials
Satori – Roll Djordje Roll
Satori – Mercedes Sosa Liveset version
Satori – After Midnight
Satori – No Name yet

Satori – Knocking On My Door
Satori – Bad Looking Trouble (liveset version)
Satori – Little Baby
Satori rmx of van Zandt Lungs
Satori rmx of Tinariwen
Satori – Imanis Dress
Satori rmx of Move on me
–Opera interlude–
Satori rmx of Italoboys
Satori – Moon
Satori – Blink Of An Eye part 2

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18 July 2015 | Buiten Westen | Tickets | Westerpark